Community Front

Adrian (Kenjari) Mack is currently and active member of The Solidarity Committee, a Twin Cities initiative of local Black professionals educating the community to confront, challenge, and resolve the impactful effect of white supremacy in various manifestations.  The Solidarity Committee has organized and implemented various modalities of community education projects to facilitate intellectual development, exchange, and connection between Black citizens across disciplinary platforms.  For two years, Adrian (Kenjari) Mack has had a vocal, visual, and organizational presence in the success and development of The Solidarity Committee and is currently serving as “community teacher” in training for the Nu Skool of African Thought.

Working with the Dean of Student, Adrian (Kenjari) Mack co-facilitates a Black Male Achievement course at Patrick Henry High School.  His contribution serves to build a malleable comprehensive curriculum designed to investigate manhood.  More focused, the course targets concepts of Black male development, social construction theory, historical reflection, and literacy premised in Black art.  The goal of this course to influence character development and academic outcomes.  Kenjari’s aspiration is to fully implement a course which incorporates effective practices of youth development, history, and social learning.

Brothas Build is a conversation of Black men that extends from a local think tank focused to discuss and address issues in the African American body politic.  It’s composed of established individuals that  have committed their lives to the restoration and development of Black people, while at the same time adhering to the principle of work without notoriety.  As an active member of Brothas Build, Adrian (Kenjari) Mack is inspired to raise the consciousness of the Black populace with insightful reflection, research, and philosophical critique.