Adrian J.L. Mack (Kenjari) defines himself as a social engineer; an active agent in constructing social change from the local grassroots level. His focus has been the inspiration and development of youth in the Twin Cites, yet have actively participated in several initiatives which engages the broader African American populace. A developing writer, Adrian attempts to cross-pollinate critical thinking with analytical historical reflection to bridge modern ideas and events with context. Ideally, he hopes to contribute toward the river of collective education efforts that flow from the body academia of African Americans.

Adrian is an alumni of Metropolitan State University receiving a B.A. in African American Studies and Youth Development. He completed his minor research in Education receiving an A.S. from Minneapolis Community and Technical College. His research and publications became the catalyst for internship with Model City Support Services Historical Research Committee, in which he examined the historical development of St. Paul’s African American community and political foundation. Adrian is also the Curriculum Design and Program Director for AMack Consultant LLC, a business venture designed to diversify educational methods for youth leadership and development.

20130728-171642.jpg As a social engineer, he does not consider himself a leader in the sense of modernity’s definition. Adrian aspires to model integrative engagement based upon Carter G. Woodson’s concept “servant-leadership.” This principle became the basis for success with his non-profit “Community Roots”, an academically based mentoring program that utilized youth’s attributes to foster healthy connections. For eight years he gradually designed an effective model to engage and build healthy adolescent development in African American males culminating in his rite-of-passage program “Brotherhood.”

From organizing and implementing workshops for youth, to serving community initiatives, focused on creating space for deep thought, Adrian maintains that a lifestyle of engagement is essential for progressive mobilization. His articles and blogs are an attempt to expand his capacity for politicization of youth, his colleagues, and elders while providing an outlet for healthy exchange of ideas.

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