Site Update and Common Questions

Blog PostThe site looks different, what’s up with that? 

The theme that I chose to stick with is the Oxygen theme.  Most people who sign up for wordpress site get this theme by default.  I have spent hours scanning through countless themes trying them on to see what fit.  The minimalist feel and visual, with the features I desired, are just built into this theme right out the box. I grew to like it easy.  With that said, it was initially to cluttered. The default set up had widgets locked in side panels, complicated hard to read fonts, and a color scheme that was too…. “not me”.  I sat down with a friend who is currently the Director of redeveloping local paper in the Twin Cities.  She chopped my site up and spit it back at me with really good constructive critique. I used ever piece of what she said. Here a few changes:

  • I’ve eliminated the panels on each side of the base content frame. I don’t need all the extras widgets, feeds, and irrelevant information just making the site to dense.
  • Expanded the readable content area to allow more content going across the screen.  This will allow for less scrolling and more in your face images and letters.
  • To make navigation easier, I decreased the tabs. I think initially I created 6 pages on the site.  Completely unnecessary and most of them were ideas that never got wind.
  • Hopefully I opted for a better selected of font to be more easier on the eyes.  According to my friend, the font was not inviting to readers.  Maybe this Ubuntu font will be.  If not,… folks let me know.
  • I’ve eliminated the comment box.  I’m not sure why I decided to drop that on most articles.  I want the discussion and feedback but…..  Idk….if there is a demand to bring it back, I will. (I will allow comments on this post for feedback!)

The rest of the adjustments were done via Element Inspect via Google Browser.  Some of the changes were minute and others were major.  Overall, it is for my viewers satisfaction.

What’s Amack Consultant about?

Take some time to read through this page.  Most of the work I do in the community is unpaid. However, more recently I’ve crafted a few areas that I contribute to and formulated a high quality package.  I’m now taking contracts with this method of engagement to offer intentional time and focus to my work.  My Community Work page offer a glimpse into a few things that I’m proud to say I participate with and/or lead.

Why you write so damn much? I ain’t fonna read all that!

Right! I get it. Let me offer some backdrop (I will be brief).  My blog was initially for me.  It was a place to vent at one point of time.  At first I did not intend to share much with the broader community. Community work, research, life’s experiences, and teaching planted me in positions where I had to feel and analyze the community and broader society.  The multitude of emotions along with questions, and the journey to answer them, created this burning sensation inside. I was giving my wife the business day in and day out; having these long conversations about our people, this nation, family, and history. She hung in there with me. One day she asked me to just write it out into an article. That first vent essay become known as “The Black Church and Black Political Functionality”.  Over the months, I’ve shared an article or two.  People really like what I had to say.  My site officially became one way of sharing to the community.

When I start its hard to stop.  Writing has become my avenue to fully explore what I know, learning, and feel.  I’m not the best writer, so to take on this endeavor was a tremendous feat. Almost every article is a delicate balance of emotional vent and analytical framing. It usually take me sometime to post, at least a week. (I know folks who push an article every hour…mo power to them!) Its a balancing act between what I feel at the moment and what I’m thinking, and too much lean in either direction can compromise the process.

My advice for my readers is simple.  The articles are like a good cup of freshly brewed black tea.  You got to sip it occasionally until its warm enough to take it all in.  You try to drink all it at once, “you gonna burn yo damn mouth out!” Some people can do it though. Read a little then stop. Come back to it later.  As long as you come back and finish it. I hope the benefits is worth it.

I know we live in a generation where things have to be quick and lite.  If the article is too long….don’t read it.  Trust me, no feelings will be lost. I guarantee that.

Man change-up the topic sometime. You always that serious? 

Can’t. Will not.  My people (Black folk, African American, etc) need me and I need them.  This is my contribution to the vast ocean of thought provoking Black literature that captivates and raise consciousness.  I know I’m in the minority because I’m a Black man who blogs.  I’m especially in the limited spectrum because I will not write about sex, dating, fashion, or making money.  You will not see that on my site.  Besides, you have over 1,500 other Black bloggers who can go in that direction for you.

This site has to strictly stick to what feels right in my heart; Black protest, historical reflection, culture, politics of our people, our celebrations, and social critique.  My life has been dedicated to addressing, changing, and uplifting the plight of Black people and my site is an extension of this journey.  Yeah, its that serious to me.  I will save the humor and laughter for personal interactions.  In this front….. well just read the articles.


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